College of Business Course Permission Request

Business Course Permission Requests are used to request special permission to enroll in a class for which you may not have the prerequisites or other qualifications to enter. Each Course Permission request will be reviewed by the advisors in the Student Success Center. Then your request will be sent electronically to the department and instructor of the course for review. You will be notified via email as to whether or not permission has been granted.

To register in MBA program courses, (BADM) please contact the Director of the Program at

Before you submit a Course Permission Request:  

  • Review the prerequisites and qualifications for the class.
  • Make sure you have tried to add the class through MyNevada.
  • Assess your own qualifications and reasons for requesting the class.
  • Meet all of the criteria outlined below in the Course Permission Request Policy.

In order to submit a lack prerequisites course permission request for an upper-division business class, please ensure that you have met the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in classes to complete the pre-business core
  • Must be enrolled in any remaining core curriculum coursework (students will not be required to take more than one CH course in a given semester)
  • All relevant transfer coursework must be visible in MyNEVADA
  • Must have a current cumulative 2.0 UNR GPA
  • If you are eligible to declare a business major (enrolled in final pre-business core after drop date with better than 2.0 UNR GPA), you must declare a business major rather than add classes via the course permission request system
  • General Studies majors must have completed three lower-division business classes with a 2.0 or better to be considered for entry into an upper-division business course

Full Courses
The College of Business is now utilizing waitlisting through MyNEVADA for full courses. Please visit MyNevada Student Center and the wait list FAQs for more information. The only way to be added to a full class is via waitlisting. Do not delay in adding yourself to a waitlist for full classes if necessary!

Please make sure to thoroughly explain your situation in the Student Comments section of the Course Permission Request. Specifically address the following:

  • Why aren’t you able to enroll?
  • Current UNR GPA (check unofficial transcript in MyNEVADA).
  • List any core curriculum or pre-business core classes that you have left to complete in or after the semester for which you are submitting this request (i.e. ENG 101, 102; MATH 126, 176; Core Fine Arts; Core Social Science; 2nd Social Science; Core Natural Science A; Core Natural Science B; CH 201, 202, 203; ECON 102, 103, 261, 262; ACC 201, 202; IS 101; MKT 210).

If you do not meet the criteria above, do not submit a Course Permission Request for an upper-division business class. Please call 784-4912x1 to make an appointment with an academic advisor for assistance.

Course Permission Requests are no longer being accepted for the fall 2015 semester.

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