College of Business Course Permission Request

If you are in your final pre-business core courses this semester, and have better than a 2.0 UNR GPA, you must declare a business major rather than add classes via the course permission request system.

MGT 496 Enrollment - Do not submit an add-slip, please send an email to Jeremy Tiedt ( with the following info:
  • Full name, Student ID number, and graduation date.
  • What classes do you have left to complete your degree?
  • Section number of the MGT 496 class you would like to register for.
Business Course Permission Requests are used to request special permission to enroll in a class for which you may not have the prerequisites or other qualifications to enter.
  • Course permission requests should be submitted for classes which have open seats only!
  • It will take two-three weeks to receive a response regarding a course permission request.
  • Each Course Permission request will be reviewed by the advisors in the Student Success Center.
  • Then your request will be sent electronically to the department and instructor of the course for review.
  • You will be notified via email as to whether or not permission has been granted.
  • Course permission requests are for undergraduate business courses only.
  • To register in MBA program courses (BADM), please contact the Director of the Program at

Before you submit a Course Permission Request:

  • Review the prerequisites and qualifications for the class.
  • Make sure you have tried to add the class through MyNevada.
  • Assess your own qualifications and reasons for requesting the class.
  • Meet all of the criteria outlined below in the Course Permission Request Policy.

In order to submit a lack prerequisites course permission request for an upper-division business class, please ensure that you have met the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in classes to complete the pre-business core
  • Must be enrolled in any remaining core curriculum coursework (students will not be required to take more than one CH course in a given semester)
  • All relevant transfer coursework must be visible in MyNEVADA
  • Must have a current cumulative 2.0 UNR GPA
  • General Studies majors must have completed three lower-division business classes with a 2.0 or better to be considered for entry into an upper-division business course

Please make sure to thoroughly explain your situation in the Student Comments section of the Course Permission Request. Specifically address the following:

  • Why aren’t you able to enroll?
  • Current UNR GPA (check unofficial transcript in MyNEVADA).
  • List any core curriculum or pre-business core classes that you have left to complete (i.e. ENG 102; MATH 176; Core Fine Arts; CH 203; ECON 262; ACC 202; MKT 210).

If you do not meet the criteria above, do not submit a Course Permission Request for a business class. It will be automatically denied. You can email if you have any questions.

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